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Further thoughts on historicizing the computerization of economics

Why the computerization of economics needs to be historicized I’m co-organizing a conference investigating whether the transformation of economics from the 1970s is better characterized as an “applied turn” (applied meaning empirical and/or concerned with real-world and/or policy-related). Economists’ reaction … Continue reading

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9 ways computers have affected the development of economics

“The rise of applied economics from the 1970s onward is a consequence of computerization and better data.” This increasingly canonical narrative has the allure of truthiness, and it is therefore surprising that the computerization of economics has never been historicized. … Continue reading

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The computerization of economics: a chronology (in progress)

On Hardware, there’s a great illustrated history of computers here (and timeline). For econometrics software, I relied on Charles Renfro’s massive history. I have tried to classify the various ways in which computerization affected the development of economics here and I list further research questions … Continue reading

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