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Not going away: on Al Roth’s 2018 AEA Presidential Address and the ethical shyness of market designers

Encountering Al Roth’s ideas has always been a “squaring the circle” experience to me. The man is the epitome of swag (as my students would say), his ideas the hype, and his past achievements ubiquitous in the media. He has … Continue reading

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The making and dissemination of Milton Friedman’s 1967 AEA Presidential Address

Joint with Aurélien Goutsmedt In a few weeks, the famous presidential address in which Milton Friedman is remembered to have introduced the notion of an equilibrium rate of unemployment and opposed the use of the Phillips curve in macroeconomic policy … Continue reading

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Les économistes sont-ils sexistes?

Un pavé dans la mare des économistes Sexisme: le mot est sur les bouches de tous les économistes américains depuis quelques semaines. Depuis que, le 8 Août, Justin Wolfers a attiré l’attention sur le mémoire de master rédigé par Alice … Continue reading

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On sexism in economics

A recent paper by Alice Wu, publicized by Justin Wolfers is creating a stir on the econ-twittosphere. The paper uses machine learning assisted text mining and topic modeling to document the astonishing sexism on the Economic Job Market Rumors US student … Continue reading

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Why I tweet

Tweeting from scratch only requires a computer and an hour time. Set up an account, choose a name for your handle, read a few “how too” guides to get a sense of what the twitter etiquette is, how to use … Continue reading

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Defining Excellence in economics: 70 Years of John Bates Clark Medals

Andrej Svorenčík and I have a new working paper on the history of the John Bates Clark medal (SSRN  and SocArXiv links). We combine archival evidence on the establishment and early years of the award and quantitative analysis of the profiles of the … Continue reading

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How about every historian of science nominates a candidate for the Golden Goose Award?

This morning, while searching for material on the history of mechanism design, I stumbled on the Golden Goose award webpage. Though I’m being told it is quite important in scientific/policy circles, I had never heard of it. Founded in 2012 … Continue reading

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