Most of the final drafts of the articles that I’ve (co)authored are available on SSRN

History of applied economics: intellectual and institutional

“The price of virtue: some hypotheses on how tractability has shaped economics,” forthcoming Oeconomia [FINAL DRAFT]

“Back to Front: The role of seminars, workshops and conferences in the history of economics,” Revue d’Economie Politique, with Aurélien Saïdi, June 2021, 131(34), 601-634 [FINAL DRAFT] [PUBLISHED VERSION]

“Defining Excellence: a history of the John Bates Clark Medal” (with Andrej Svorencik), Journal for the History of Economic Thought, 2020, 42(2), 153-176 [FINAL DRAFT] [PUBLISHED VERSION]

“Classifying Economics: a History of the JEL codes,” Journal of Economic Literature, 2017, Vol 55 (2), June, 545-79 [FINAL DRAFT] [PUBLISHED VERSION]

“The age of the applied economist: the transformation of economics after 1970?” (with Roger Backhouse). History of Political Economy, 2017 Vol 49 (5) [FINAL DRAFT] [PUBLISHED VERSION]


History of applied microeconomics

“Cities, Land and Space: a history of urban economics as a field” with Anthony Rebours (March 2023) [CURRENT DRAFT] [ONLINE APPENDIX]

“A century of Economics and Engineering at Stanford” (with Aurélien Saïdi), History of Political Economy, 2020, 52(S1), 85-111 [FINAL DRAFT] [PUBLISHED VERSION]

“Economists’ interest in collective decision after World War II : a History” (with Jean-Baptiste Fleury). Public Choice, 2017, vol 172 (1-2), 23-44 [FINAL DRAFT] [PUBLISHED VERSION]

History of applied macroeconomics

Household heterogeneity in macroeconomic models: a historical perspective,” (with Pedro Duarte and Aurélien Saïdi) forthcoming, European Economic Review [FINAL DRAFT]

“Six decades of Economic Research at the Bank of England, 1976-2018” (with Juan Acosta, François Claveau, Clement Fontan, Aurélien Goustmedt and Francesco Sergi), forthcoming History of Political Economy [FINAL DRAFT] [ONLINE APPENDIX]

“To change or not to change. The evolution of forecasting models at the Bank of England” (1974-2014). (With Aurélien Goustmedt and Francesco Sergi (lead authors), Juan Acosta, François Claveau, Clement Fontan), in revision updated February 2023 [CURRENT DRAFT]

“Sunspot as a coordination device or sunspots as coordination failures?” (with Aurélien Saïdi), January 2023, in submission (ask me for a draft)

The transformation of economic analysis at the Federal Reserve during the 1960s” (with Juan Acosta), Journal for the History of Economic Thought, 2021 43(3), 323-349 [FINAL DRAFT] [PUBLISHED VERSION]

“The Ordinary Business of Macroeconometric Modeling: Working on the Fed-MIT-Penn Model, 1964–74,” (with Roger Backhouse), History of Political Economy, 2019, 52(3), 425-447 [FINAL DRAFT] [PUBLISHED VERSION]

“The indeterminate fate of sunspot theory in economics (1972-2014)” (with Aurelien Saidi),  History of Political Economy, 2018, Vol 50 (3), 425-481 [FINAL DRAFT] [PUBLISHED VERSION]

History of women in economics

“ ‘Economics is not a man’s field’: a history of the first gender reckoning and of the American Economic Association’s CSWEP” (with Cleo Chassonnery-Zaïgouche and John Singleton), August 2022

Samuelson, gender biases and discrimination” (with Roger Backhouse), European Journal of the History of Economic Thought, 2019, 26(5), 1053-1080 [FINAL DRAFT] [PUBLISHED VERSION]

“Margaret Rossiter et l’histoire des femmes scientifiques américaines,” with Cleo Chassonnery-Zaïgouche, Zilsel, 2020

‘Out in the open’ controversy: Economists’ perspectives on the first gender reckoning in economics
(with Cléo Chassonnery-Zaïgouche and John D. Singleton), in Lundberg (ed) Women in Economics, Vox/CEPR Ebook, 2020

History of computation in economics

“Write Your Model Almost as You Would on Paper and Dynare Will Take Care of the Rest! A history of DYNARE” (with Francesco Sergi and Aurélien Saidi), in revision, updated March 2023 (ask me for a draft)

It’s computerization, stupid!” The spread of computers and the changing roles of theoretical and applied economics” (with Roger Backhouse). History of Political Economy ,2017 Vol 49 (5) [FINAL DRAFT] [PUBLISHED VERSION]

Economists’ policy work

“How to write a memo to convince a president: Walter Heller and the 1964 tax cut,” Oeconomia 2019 9(2) [OPEN ACCESS PUB]


“A preliminary History of Economics at MIT, 1940-1972,” History of Political Economy 46 (5), 2014 [FINAL DRAFT] [PUBLISHED VERSION]

The worldviews of economists

“The Lucky Consistency of Milton Friedman’s Science and Politics, 1933-1963,” in Mirowski P. Stapleford T. et Van Horn R. eds. Building Chicago Economics: New Perspectives on the History of America’s Most Powerful Economic Programme. Cambridge University Press. 2011 [SCAN] [PUBLISHED]

“Rationalizing human Organization in an Uncertain World; Jacob Marschak, from Russian Prisons to Behavioral Sciences Laboratories,” History of Political Economy 42 (3), 2010 [FINAL DRAFT] [PUBLISHED VERSION]

“Gunnar Myrdal and the Scientifc Way to Social Democracy, 1914-1968,” Journal of the History of the Economic Thought 31(1), 2009 [FINAL DRAFT] [PUBLISHED VERSION]

Historiographical reflections

“The Quantitative Turn in the History of Economics: Promises, Perils and Challenges” (with Andrej Svorencik). Journal of Economic Methodology, 2018, 24(4), 367-377 [FINAL DRAFT] [PUBLISHED VERSION]

“Why historians of economics should tweet,” History of Political Economy, 2018, Vol 50 (3), 615-621

“Detectives, Storytellers and Hackers: Historians of Economics in an Age of Social Media” in The Contemporary Historiography of Economics,  Düppe & Weintraub (eds), Routledge, 2018. 


“The butcher and the toymaker: Reflections on the 2018 Nobel Memorial Prize Awarded to Paul Romer” (with Aurélien Saïdi), Erasmus Journal for Philosophy and Economics 12(20), Winter 2019 [OPEN ACCESS PUBLISHED VERSION]

“Les Economistes dans la cité au 20eme siècle.” Histoire de la Pensée Economique, Ferey, S. & Rivot S. eds, Pearson, 2019